OPEN BAKERY KIDS' PIZZA AND FOCACCIA CLASS Group booking and price on request.  This class is designed for children aged 8 and up.  Get messy, hands on and stuck in on our Pizza and focaccia class.   Perfect for a party! In this class you will:- -learn the process of making a super pizza dough base - be taught the art of making a light fluffy Italian focaccia bread, the perfect accompaniment to any meal -finish your pizza and focaccia with toppings of your choice -Bake off your bread and pizza to enjoy at home! CLASS LENGTH: 2.5 hour afternoon lesson Please email kemptown@openbakery.co.uk for all enquiries... Read More

April 8th, 2022

We are delighted to be able to offer a class taught by this year’s The Great British Bake Off’s semi-finalist: Jürgen Krauss.   Jürgen loves making bread more than any other type of baking - particularly sourdough bread - and in this 4-hour class Jürgen will impart his knowledge of a traditional German sourdough method of making bread: the Detmold Einstufenführung method.   This method is one of Jürgen’s favourites and allows you to work and experiment with the science of sourdough baking within a precise methodology.   You will learn to refresh and prepare the starter for the recipe, a 17hr pre-ferment. Jürgen will demonstrate the different ways you can affect your bread using the ingredients. You will also be able to build a preparation to take home for another baking session the following day!   Learn to alter the balance of dough hydration and ingredient ratios - as defined by the DEF method - using a combination of light-rye, wholemeal and wheat flours, and a ripe rye sourdough starter. The recipes enhanced with caraway, linseeds and sunflower seeds     YOU WILL MAKE AND TAKE HOME: 2 loaves made from 2 different sourdough preparations. A sourdough preparation for another bake.   4 HOUR CLASS – Allow an extra 30 minutes runover time. 1pm-5pm   COFFEE AND PATISSERIE BREAK! A little time to relax and chat over coffee and fondants!   YOUR TEACHER: Needs little introduction, but a passionate baker from a very early age and a much-loved competitor of The Great British Bake Off 2022.... Read More

April 7th, 2022

Learn to make these delicious, delicate and iconic cakes! Use your skills to create special gift boxes or impress friends with wonderful colourful party spreads! In this class you will: - - learn the process of making the macaron ‘batter’ and Italian meringue to produce the perfect macaron shell - be taught the art of hand piping macaron shells - and practice your technique by making 40 macaron shells and fillings - mix and create different macaron fillings using French butter cream and chocolate ganache - see, understand, and learn the necessary delicate skills and processes that make the perfect macaron YOU WILL MAKE, BAKE AND TAKE HOME: A total of 40 macarons of different flavours that you have created – fantastic for gifts or for home freezing for later! TEA AND COFFEE BREAK HALF DAY CLASS: 9:45am – 1:30pm YOUR TEACHER: Bianka has been making cakes and sweets professionally for almost 30 years-  She has worked as a pâtissier at Open Bakery for 3 years. Last year she made and sold over 16,000 macarons!... Read More

April 7th, 2022

Once you've booked... After you place your booking, we will email details about the day with another reminder nearer the time. Please check your junk folder as the email will include vital information about the day. Refunds and cancellations Should you wish to cancel and give at least 7 days notice of the event we can offer a refund or suitable alternative date. We cannot guarantee to refund the money if less than 7 days notice is given but will endeavour to fill the booking so we can refund your money. If someone is to attend in your place please get in touch as soon as possible so we can arrange any necessary alternative requirements. If for some reason we have to cancel the class you will be offered a full refund if we are unable to offer you an alternative date suitable to you. Children: Under 16’s need to have a place booked and accompanied with a paying adult.  ... Read More

March 9th, 2022

Making croissants is one of the most satisfying processes in patisserie! The idea is simple - layers of dough and butter - but making these many many many layers of dough and butter by hand - perfectly even and paper thin - is a real skill and best taught first-hand by someone with experience. In this class you will:- - mix and knead the croissant dough, learn how to balance the strength and elasticity of your dough - learn about the materials and the magical properties that allows flour and butter to metamorphose so wonderfully - practice laminating the dough - the process of layering dough and butter evenly together - form the dough into viennoiserie: croissant and pain au chocolat - see and understand the critical processes of resting, proving and baking the croissant YOU WILL MAKE, BAKE AND TAKE HOME: baked croissant; baked pain au chocolate; raw croissant and pain au chocolate to freeze or bake at home; an enriched dough to take home to bake in a way you choose. LUNCH INCLUDED: also coffee and cakes in the afternoon break FULL DAY CLASS: 10:45 a.m to 4 p.m. (may end a little later) YOUR TEACHER:  Gniewomir "G" Wojtala heads the patisserie section at Open Bakery in Kemp Town, Brighton.... Read More

March 7th, 2022

Baking great bread at home is such a useful and rewarding skill to learn. And baking with sourdough cultures even more so -  as the results can give you deliciously full-flavoured bread. This class aims to dispel the myth that baking is a hard process - demanding crack-of-dawn starts and hours of kneading, and even then fraught with the possibility of failure! We will show you that sourdough baking can be an incredibly easy and therapeutic process and, what's more, you can quite easily fit it into your daily routine. In this class you will:- - learn the correct way to knead and develop rye and wheat sourdoughs - develop beautiful doughs with simple methods - use technique, heat, moisture and, most importantly, time to artfully affect your bread - learn how to get artisan results in both traditional stone decked ovens and domestic ovens YOU WILL MAKE, BAKE AND TAKE HOME: rye sourdough hand-moulded loaf; rye sourdough tin loaf; 2x artisan demi-baguettes; focaccia loaf; sourdough hand-moulded loaf LUNCH INCLUDED: there is also a break for coffee and baked chocolate fondants straight from the oven for a boost in the afternoon! FULL DAY CLASS: 10:45 a.m to 4 p.m. (may end a little later) YOUR TEACHER: Justin Gourlay set up the Open Bakery in Brighton in 2010. He has been teaching classes since 2014. See other classes... Read More

November 7th, 2021