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Kemptown Shop and Bakery

34 St. George's Road
Kemp Town
East Sussex

01273 609 655

Opening times
Mon-Sat: 7am - 5.30pm

Queen’s Park Shop

35 West Drive
East Sussex

01273 750866

Opening times
Mon - Sat 8am-4pm

Cookery School and Workshops

63-64 St Georges Road
East Sussex

01273 750865

About Us

In the heart of Kemp Town Village, Brighton, the Open Bakery is a community shop and stopping point for locals and passers by.

We mix, prove and bake all the bread and patisserie here in the shop and go straight to the customer, hot from the oven. Our sandwiches, lunch menu and salads are all made are also made in the shop.

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We give bread baking classes and pastry classes to improve your own skills and learn the ways of the Artisan Baker!

Kemp Town

We make all the food in the shop…

We make all the food in the shop so it goes hot from the oven onto the shelves!

In the pastry kitchen downstairs downstairs 4 chefs make and bake about 400 cakes and pastries every day.

The bread is baked in our own stone decked oven so it can be that much fresher. Bread is baked from 1.00 a.m. every day, earlier on Saturdays!

The savouries, quiches and sandwiches also go on sale as soon as they are made.