About us

The Open Bakery shop, Kemp Town

The Open Bakery is a local family business. The family have been baking in Brighton since 1997.

Absolutely everything we make on site is baked or prepared fresh on the day within the shop. Because of this we are able keep to pure, traditional recipes.

As well as the bakery and savoury on the shop floor, work goes on downstairs in our patisserie where we make and bake fresh pastries and cakes. We also make our own biscuits, jams and seasonal treats like Easter eggs and Christmas cakes.

We take sustainability seriously, we source ingredients as ethically and locally as possible, making use of the wonderful local growers and producers around Brighton and Sussex.

Because we are a local shop we are closely in touch with our customers. Our food is made with great regard to the needs and demands of the very broad range of people who visit the shop – local residents, business, trades and students. And we are lucky enough to have some visit the shop from very far away!

We are called the Open Bakery because that’s what we are. Our kitchens are open to view and our recipe ingredients are on display in the shop. We are open with everything because we are proud of the food we make and the way we make it.

Any feedback from you is always welcome, please do get in touch through the contact page, email, or facebook page.


We consider the environment highly in our decision-making, priorities and practices.

The following are our chief considerations:


We monitor our ingredients and packaging to make sure they are responsibly sourced.

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We prioritise quality and sustainability when sourcing ingredients, and when possible source from accredited producers to ensure adequate consideration of environmental impact.

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To ensure animal welfare we currently source much of our meat, fish and dairy from high welfare sources.

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We annually offset our entire carbon footprint through the funding of offsetting schemes.

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Where possible we pledge to buy locally or UK sourced produce not only to ensure quality and welfare, but also to cut down on CO2 emissions.


We have committed to reducing our food waste to zero.

We select packaging with great consideration to the environment and have reduced plastic in packaging to near zero.